Have you heard of the term monoculture? Well mono means ‘one’ and monoculture means to cultivate just one kind of something. I have been researching the different types of monoculture in our food systems today and was quite shocked at what I found out.

Did you know that there are about 1000 different kinds of bananas? They vary but color, taste, texture and smell. Some last a long time on the shelf and some need to be eaten as soon as they are picked. Some taste like other fruits and some like nothing you have ever tasted before. Some grow at different climates and temperatures but mostly they like the tropical weather.


Did you know how many different species are shipped to the United States for us to eat? Usually just 1…1 out of many hundreds. Why, you might ask. Because there is only one that can be picked green and shipped across the world to ripen on the shelf and still taste good. Most bananas get to soft and rot before arriving at their destination. Banana growers only ship this one kind of banana so therefor they need to grow ONLY this one kind of banana. This is where the term monoculture comes in. Since they are growing only the one kind of banana that ships well, there is not room for the other bananas that don’t ship well so they are being cut down and some of those species are lost forever.

Why is that a problem…you might ask. There are a couple of reasons. The first is diversity in the foods that we eat have made us who we are today as humans. Trying different species, colors and tastes have evolved our brains and most of all our taste buds. Differences in foods also provide different vitamins and minerals which are essential for us to thrive as humans.

The second and I feel the biggest reason that monoculture is bad is in the evolution of species to protect themselves from things that kill it such as bugs, viruses, and bacteria. If there is one species of bananas, in this case, that is favored by the bugs and destroyed then you loose only that ones species. If there are many different kinds that are being grown then it is not bad because there are other species that will be untouched by the bugs. But in the case of monoculture if you have a bug that evolves to like the only banana species that we grow then it will cause total devastation and the loss of that food all together.

Scary huh? And this is only bananas that I am talking about here. We, as humans, have done this to most of the fruits and vegetables that you find in the supermarket. Why do I point this out? No it’s not just to scare you but it’s to inform you that we need to take our food back into our own hands and chose to eat many different types. How? By shopping closer to home and from a local farmer, or better yet grow your own food. The more you take responsibility for your own health/food the better.

I have started growing my own food recently and love it! I bought a tower garden from juice plus and have never looked back. No I’m not the best and yes I have killed some stuff but the fact that I am trying makes all the difference.

If your interested in finding out more about the tower garden check my website

I like the tower garden because it is transportable if your not living somewhere that you can have an in ground garden plus it uses 90% less water (a precious commodity). I love that it trickles like a water fountain too 🙂

If your not there yet and want someone else to grow your food check online and find your closest farmers market, it is well worth your time and energy, I promise. Also look for things you have not tried yet…stuff that you have never seen before. The more diverse foods you eat the better your health.

If you have any questions or comments please post below or go to my website

In health and happiness,


2 thoughts on “Monoculture

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Hey Nikki! Yes, monoculture is scary stuff. I totally agree that the best thing to do is eat locally or especially from your own garden (or tower garden!). It is hard to fight the big companies like monsonto that are making this happen. I mean, we can sign petitions and write to our congress people, but we have little control. I wish we could make stores label their food, where it came from, how it was grown, etc. Sharing seeds is nice. Heritage seed catologs. AND it would be great to have a TOWER GARDEN. I wil get one eventually, you know. Probably next spring.

    Did you notice I nominated you for another award? Check it out.

    • yes the best thing we can do is to take food back into our own hands by any means possible. The big companies like Monsanto keep putting millions of dollars into campaigns to confuse people so they don’t pass laws that force them to label their GMO products. It’s sad so one of the only ways we can truly fight them is by not giving them any money….so we need to stop buying their products and growing our own.

      Thank you for the nomination and I will try my hardest to get it done soon 🙂 Thank you for the nomination and I appreciate you very much. Keep up the awesome work and yes please let me know when you want to start growing with a Tower Garden. Keep in mind that you only need $100 to get started and get everything shipped to you.

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