Jump with me!


Have you ever jumped out of an airplane?  Well I did yesterday and it was so much fun! I have put together the most amazing moments so you can feel like you are jumping with me.  Its a great way to experience it even if your not the type to jump yourself 🙂 Don’t worry, you can live vicariously though me, I don’t mind ;).

Normally I talk about nutrition on my blog but I also feel that nutrition includes enjoying life and having fun.  So today, I added something to my ‘Gotta Do Before I Die’ list and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.  It was amazing and was the closest thing to really flying that I have ever experienced.


Get ready to fly



on the plane

Someone asked me if I was nervous…Are you kidding me?  You have got to be crazy to not be nervous about doing something for the first time..especially jumping out of a plane at all little above 10,000 feet.  I was not as nervous until Tim (my tandem buddy) said we are at altitude and its time…give the door a little push.  So it did and the thing flung open with vigor.


The shock set in

That was the most nerve wracking part.  We stepped out on the tiny ledge (and I mean tiny–i think only one of each of our feet fit on it).  And jump…more like let go and fall.


into fetal position I go

If you look closely…my legs are tucked up into the fetal position and my eyes are full of wonder.  This is what it feels like to be birthed into the world of the unknown…cover all your vital parts and go! 🙂 And this is when the screaming started…



I wanted to flip as we left the plane and so we did.



This guy was such a pro that he had on sandals….sandals!


still screaming

Yup…still screaming.  I think by this time my legs were not still tucked at my chest though.  Free falling or rather plummeting to the earth as the terminal velocity of 120 miles an hour (Thank you Josh for the calculations).


opened up

Then I remembered to open up and fly!


checking altitude

Thank you Tim for not being as awestruck as me and remembering to do your job 🙂



Yep still screaming…


So much fun that I’m throwing the hang-loose and I love you sign at the same time 🙂



And then the free fall was done….about as quick as it started.  The fall was about 40 seconds in total and worth every second.  Then with a quick jerk, we slowed our decent.  The scenery was still just as awe-inspiring or more so actually because it was moving a lot slower.



I even got to steer us around.  Pull one handle and turn that direction…if you pull hard enough you flip around in circles (one of the best parts! )


It was strange…as soon as I had the controls in my hands the screaming stopped 😉 can anyone say control freak haha



And a shot of my beautiful and life saving parachute 🙂 I had watched them pack this exact parachute before we jumped so I even got to pick the color 🙂



We made it! Safe and sound with the exception…oh never mind…we won’t talk about that…

Kidding! Everything went great and these people were pros!


happy dance

Now for the happy dance!! All in all this was one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever done and I have a feeling that it won’t be my last.  If it is something that calls to you then DO IT and it not…like I said at the beginning you can live it though me 🙂

Now get out there and be awesome! 🙂

~Nikki Golly

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