What a full meatless monday looks like


Happy Meatless Monday everyone.  I wanted to walk you through my meatless monday last week as a good example of what you can do to plan out your day so you are not eating meat for one whole day a week.


first start by cutting up some veggies (every thing is better with some color).  This is yellow and red bell pepper, green onions, and a couple of pickled mushrooms that I got from the farmers market.


Then add some good fresh eggs to the pan with a little coconut oil so they don’t stick and vuala.  You have a protein packed, nutrient packed breakfast without meat (or wheat).



I stopped by Paradise Bakery and got one of their new broth bowls.  This is lentils, quinoa, spinach, kale, red peppers, and topped with a hard boiled egg and lemon slice.



Guess what more veggies! I had dinner with a few friends and it came out amazing.  We did three different dishes: Quinoa salad, sautéed broccolini, and Stir fry veggies (onions, squash, and kale).  This is my plate about half way through (forgot to take a picture at the beginning..oops)


Notice the size of the plate, its the size of a salad plate.  The bigger the plate the more food you tend to put on it.  You can put the same amount of food on a big plate and your brain tell you that it is not enough food.  If you use a small plate it will satisfy your brain and your belly without getting way to much food or calories.


What are you eating or going to eat for meatless monday?

Not sure why meatless monday?  Check out my blog topic.

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