Wheatless Wednesday

Why Wheatless Wednesday?
How much wheat do you eat?  Everyday or every meal?
Im sure you have seen all the packaging and people talking about Gluten free this and Gluten free that. Gluten is the main protein found in wheat products.  Wheat or Gluten is found in breads, pastas, cakes, crackers, cookies, and basically anything with wheat flour in it.  It is also found in most processed foods.  We over consume wheat products as a nation so wheatless wednesday, similar to meatless monday is to bring awareness to the subject.
Did you know by consuming wheat everyday or every meal can actually cause you to become allergic to it? Its true.   It is quite common for people who eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) to have an inflammed gut.  Over consuming certain ingredients such as wheat when your gut is inflammed can cause large particals to pass through into the blood stream.  After these large particals get absorbed into the blood stream the body doesn’t recognize them so it starts to create anti-bodies against them.
The creation of anit-bodies is an amazing mechanism of the body to keep us healthy and protect us from harmful bacteria and viruses.  By creating anti-bodies against them it can help the body to easily identify and get rid of the bacteria or virus when it is encountered again.  In the case of over consumption it is food that the body starts to reject or attack causing an allergy to form.  This reaction starts a vicious cycle of more inflammation in the gut and compounding the problem even more.
This is the reason for Wheatless Wednesday. Please share and get your loved ones aware of this too.  Tag me @nikkigolly @fuelyourbody and #wheatlesswednesday in your pictures for a chance to win a free consultation or vitamin from me.

One thought on “Wheatless Wednesday

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Great information Nikki! Thanks. Wheat is everywhere. Hard to get away from it. Wow, I saw this thing on the news last night where they started testing vitamin and herbal products sold at places – like Walmart, Target, etc. A lot of them had no actual product in them at all. Just sand and stuff! It sure proves the point that we all should get advice about what to buy from knowledgeable people like you!

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