Meatless Monday

Why Meatless Monday?
Have you ever stopped and thought about how much meat you eat? Do you eat it everyday?Every meal?  To be quite honest with you,  I stopped and thought hard about that question a little while ago and came to a “yes” answer in my head.  If you did the same thing then answer me one question….why?
To get enough protein right?  We all think that we need more meat to get enought protien in our diets but the fact is that vegetables, bean and rice, hummus, nuts, hemp, and quinoa are great sources of protein as well.  But by all means that does not mean that I want you to stop eating meat. I would just like you to go one day a week without it, or even one meal…I’m not asking you to do anything crazy but one day a week is feasable right?
It can improve your health or at least awareness of the amount of meat you consume on a daily basis.  The typical american eats meat at every meal and usually way more than they need for the whole day.  Lets bring awareness to the front of your brain and to those around us.  Did you know that if we all stopped eating meat for one day we would decrease CO2 emissions 18%?
This is when I created Meatless Monday! Its one day a week or one meal that you choose to not eat meat.  Start small if you need to, any changes are still changes in the right direction.  Please Share and spread the word of eating healthy to your friends and family and tag me @fuelyourbody, @NikkiGolly and #meatlessmonday on your post 🙂 Lets improve our health as well as our families.

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