the answer to reduce plastic use


What is the answer to the plastic problem? How can you use less plastic and stay healthy?

Glass, yes we need to use more glass!

But glass breaks right?  This is true but there are a few companies out here that have made glass a lot easier and safer to carry around.  One of my favorite companies is called Zulu athletic.  They make high performance glass water bottles fit for an athlete, made from recycled glass and are certified to be BPA, Pthalates, PVC and lead free.


Everything tastes better in glass! These bottles have been engineered to be taken with you all the time from your daily normal tasks to your strenuous exercise excursions.  They are built to take a hit with thicker glass and a silicone sleeve to help protect the bottle if it happens to slip out of your hands.  Even the lid is made with a reinforced band to help protect against leaking.

There are a couple of different lid types as well depending on what you like best.  I prefer the one touch flip cap lid personally (pictured above), it opens up with one button so your water is easy to access but also has a lock to make sure that it doesn’t happen in your bag.  There is also a design with a carrying loop instead of a flip cap lid, which can come in handy (pictured below).


This is a great design and its a lot cheaper than other companies out there.  I found this one at Target for only $14.99…which is about half the price of others out there.  Also check out their website: for more information.



Why glass?

What are plastics doing to your health and the planet? 

Now go get some glass water (or any drink) bottles and lets make ourselves and the planet a better place to live. 🙂

~Nikki Golly

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