How are plastics really affecting us and the environment?


I know that there is a lot of people that talk about plastic but do you really know what is happening to us and our planet because of it?

There are multiple reasons that you should not use plastic….or at least use less of it but today I’m going to go over 3 of them and what they are doing to us and our planet.

  1. Plastics give off BPA (Bisphenol-a)
  2. Plastics are killing animals
  3. Plastics are trashing our planet

The first topic I want to cover is BPA, or Bisphenol-A. BPA is in plastics, and if is taken out it is replaced with another Bisphenol for example, Bisphenol -B, or -C.  Not only is it present in plastic bottles but its used as a lining in cans, cups, receipt paper, sports equipment, and so on. I’m not saying that it will kill you but it has shown to be an endocrine disruptor and have estrogen like qualities (1). All of our bodies, both male and female are delicately balanced with both testosterone and estrogen but, by conststanly adding BPA’s estrogen like qualities, it can throw off this balance.  What are your baby bottles made from?  If not BPA is it BPB…is that any better?  The statistics are staggering at the amount of children that are born intersex instead of specific male or female now.  Can this be linked to our use of plastics?

The second topic I wanted to cover was the fact that it is killing animals.  When i think if plastics killing animals, right off the bat I think of the birds, turtles, and other creatures getting caught in the plastic 6-pack rings.  This though has made me stop buying things by the 6-pack or cutting open the rings when I do.  Yet another scary one came to my attention the other day when I watched a documentary series called “strange days of planet earth” with Edward Norton (I would highly recommend watching it).

One of the topics that they talked about were the Alcatraz birds that live way out in the middle of the ocean on remote islands.  They were dying of malnutrition, and the experts couldn’t figure out why.  Until they did further investigation of the contents of their stomachs, they were full of plastics.  The plastics were filling up the little birds stomachs so much that thee was not enough room for real food.  You know those little plastic bead that are in your children’s toys…they look just like fish eggs when floating in the ocean.


The third thing that I wanted to talk about was the amount of plastics that are trashing our planted.  Unlike glass or paper, plastics take about 50 to 100 years to breakdown.


ocean_plastic_islands_456 (pictures from) 

How much are you using plastic in your lives and what impact it is having on your health and our planet? Next time you drink out of a plastic cup or plastic bottle consider the consequences of your actions.


Check out an answer to the plastic problem!

~Nikki Golly


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