life goes on poem


I was reading a blog from a fellow blogger (Why Teaching Poetry is so important) and he wrote in it that “Poetry can give students a healthy outlet for surging emotions” and I feel that this is true…I am planning on moving and was going though my old things and found a poem that I wrote to myself or to anyone but no one at the same time.  But I feel that writing it when i was going though a hard time made me feel so much better. 

This is not something that i would normally do as I am a nutritionist and my job is helping people but I though it was pretty good and wanted to share.  Here goes nothing…

“I have once had sex,

but I don’t know if there will be a next.

My heart still hurts from the last,

It sure did hit me like a blast.

I will never forget that night,

my whole body shaking from fright.

‘there has been an mishap’,

upon hearing this, I collapsed.

It was the worst feeling of my life,

It cut me so deep, cut like a knife.

Stabbed me in the chest

deeper than the rest.

I still am surprised that nothing showed,

As my heart beat slowed.

I thought, I too was going to leave

and do nothing but bleed

But I didn’t…”


I wrote this when I was about 15, after my boyfriend got killed.  This poem got me through a lot and being able to use writing as an outlet was amazing.  I suggest for anyone going through a hard time to write a poem about it. It gets it down on paper and helps to get it out of your head.

That was a dark chapter in my book and was interesting to relive but now its time to get back to my cheery self 🙂 and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

~Nikki Golly

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