Probiotics: Questions Answered




What are Probiotics and why should I be taking them? 


Probiotics are good bacteria that is or should be present in your intestines.  The word ‘Probiotic’ mean ‘for life’.  These good bacteria help us with many things like improving digestion and boosting the immune system. Probiotics can also help your body in times of high stress.  

How do I choose which one is best for me?  

There are many different brands of probiotics and they are all not created equal.  From my experience, the products that you see in commercials and find in the ‘big box’ stores, are not the best out there.

What you should look for when buying a Probiotic:

  1. Should be in capsule form, not hard tablets *this means that you have a better chance of breaking them down to absorb them

  2. Should be refrigerated or from a source that has been researched to be room temperature safe

  3. Should have at least 3 billion CFUs (colony-forming units) per capsule

  4. Should have at least 5-10 different strains including lactobacillus acidophilus *each strain does something different in the body

  5. Should also have a prebiotic fiber *this feeds the bacteria to keep them alive and healthy longer

When should I take probiotics?

Probiotics are best taken after you have used antibiotics, done a body cleanse, have chronic yeast problems, or have bowel issues such as diarrhea or constipation.  

Probiotics should also be taken when you leave the country or eat a variety of foods that your body is not used to. 

Is there a time that is best to take them?

It is best to take probiotics without food.  When you eat, especially high protein meals, your body releases more digestive enzymes such as HCl (hydrochloric acid) which is great to break down the protein but it will kill more of the probiotics.  It is best to take them in between meals or with a light snack of fruit or vegetables.


Pictured is “Ultimate Probiotic 12/12” by Natural Factors and Dr. Michael Murry.  This is the one I am currently taking and it is a Fuel Your Body approved probiotic. Click on picture to order this from my website and start feeling better now.

If you are taking one now and are not sure if its good, please contact me.

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